Customer Feedback

What is Baztab?

To become a market leader, to provide top-notch service and products and to achieve success, it is vital to engage and listen to your customers. That’s where Baztab comes in. Baztab is the smartest, easiest and most powerful way to get powerful insights from your business


Monitor and Visualize

Check your progress, share your results with customers and employees using

our web-based dashboard and mobile apps.

Act and Improve

Measure the happiness

Place Baztab at key locations to poll people as they pass. Ask them how they feel or what they think.
Gain insight

Gain insight

Keep an eye on your business performance with our intelligent machine learning based reporting service in real-time or via scheduled reports. Compare locations and times for more precise insights.
Act and Improve

Act and Improve

Focus your resources on fixing weaker areas, while sharing the lessons from stronger ones.

How it works?

Emoji terminal

our feedback terminal (kiosk) is an approachable, anonymous and easy-to-use 4 Emoji touch buttons that help you listen to your customers and employees in all business environments. They encourage interaction, increase customer and employee engagement, and give you 20 times more feedback compared to our competitors’ solutions. Our terminals are easy to set up at the point-of-experience – you don’t need power, cables, or Internet connection. Just ask your strategic survey question and instantly start collecting feedback. Your customers and employees respond to your survey question by touching (pressing) the Emoji button that best corresponds to their experience. The data is collected and can be transmitted via wifi, 2G/3G, or NB-IoT to our cloud platform.

Cloud platform

All the feedbacks feed into the cloud platform. The platform comes with a suite of tools that works tirelessly to help you measure, understand and act on a constant stream of incoming feedback. Thanks for the platform, it is very straightforward to visualize feedback on a timeline to spot holes during the day, week or year, identify weak locations, pinpoint difficult times, handle larger volumes of feedback and more reliable insights, understand the ‘why’ of the feedback you receive, present your feedback as NPS or insights index, move on to the next initiative sooner, improve customer experience and satisfaction in your business,

Features and benefits

Anyone can provide customer feedback

With terminals, you allow customers to provide feedback – regardless of whether they own a smartphone or not. With a simple user interface, the terminals are easy to operate for older people too.

Questionnaires in your corporate design

Present your corporate identity by individually configuring your logo, company colors, slogan and personal address.

Get more customer opinions

Placed prominently, a terminal will give you even more feedback and your data will become more representative. Thus, you can find out even more quickly if something stands out as particularly positive or negative to your customers.

Customer survey as a marketing channel

Through the terminals, you will receive important information from your customers and, at the same time, have the possibility of promoting your products, carrying out sweepstakes and creating an interactive visit.

Ready to use instantly

Fully preassembled and set-up, the terminals can be used from day one without you needing to invest time for build-up and start-up.

Integrated internet with 2G/3G, WiFi, and NB-IoT

All terminals can be equipped with a mobile data connection so that they can be used anywhere and everywhere, even when there is no WiFi or local internet connection.

Social Sharing

Share your results, show your success and grow your profits with improved customer and employee satisfaction!

Monitor satisfaction levels

Follow your result data and learn when and where to improve your business performance via our intelligent machine learning based Reporting Service.