We offer a broad cross-border category of services that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, etc. We hand pick our staff to suit each and every requirement, from staff with experience in hotels and corporate events, to staff suitable for sporting events and private parties. We know different skills sets are needed for each of our client’s requirements. That is why we pride ourselves on making sure we get the correct match between staff and your event.

Event Management

Event planning requires foresight, follow through and attention to detail. You need to see the big picture as well as the tiniest of details. You need Vision. Which is why we started Vision Event Management. We wanted to create a company with the experience, skills and knowledge to help any event, no matter how large or how small, fulfill its ultimate potential. We can help fledgling events get off the ground and existing events soar. We’re flexible, fast, responsive and reliable. And we always bring a fresh perspective. No matter what stage of the planning you’re in, we’d welcome the opportunity to help you make your event the best it can be. Pirouzan strives to be the best running event Management Company, producing the highest quality events that not only set the standard for event production, but also set the trend for the industry.


We plan and implement your meeting needs with all the essential elements; destination selection, technological and audio-visual aids, video conferencing capabilities, in addition to creating ambiance, good food and superior service all with that little bit extra. We know how to take your meeting to the next level.

Corporate Travel

The mention of travel should invoke excitement, although it can be a headache and very time consuming when trying to organize a group of clients, staff, family or even friends. We know how to build and operate the trip of a lifetime, so all you need to do is turn up and enjoy!

Personal Travel

When we design a journey we write the story that you will tell. We do things differently. We are creative, curious and highly skilled in travel design. We understand luxury, style and service through the eyes of our very special clients. We create experiences from two ingredients; Who YOU are as a traveller & what WE know about the world.

Corporate Hospitality

Whether you are entertaining your most important clients or rewarding your most successful sales team consider offering corporate hospitality at a major sporting or cultural event. Imagine the white tents with their luxurious custom designed interiors, wonderful menus and plentiful food & beverage, coupled with the excitement of a major sporting competition – and you have truly unique and winning experience.

Corporate Training and Education

Creating an environment conducive to learning, making the experience exciting and fun!  It’s what we do! A conference with color, music, light, and a dynamic atmosphere will keep your attendees concentrating and engaged. Pirouzan offers a high touch experience – from a teaching conference to a wine tasting to a production facility tour! We know that if you put people in a dull and lifeless classroom they are less likely to learn, so we don’t. We know how to perfectly balance enjoyment and education to create events that become ‘the talk of the industry’.

Event Production

From concept to creation – it’s in the details! Our talented production team delivers only perfection – from gala dinners, selecting presenters, creating light shows, providing technical services, writing scripts, coming up with new ideas, and then coordinating every detail – so you don’t have to. Action, lights, music – and applause!