What’s something you want, something you need, something you’ve been waiting for? Niki gives it to you: She combines item tracking, healthy lifestyle advice, beauty coaching, anti-aging skin protection, emergency alerts, a selfie camera, and customizable behavior in one slim, fashionable device.

Item tracking

Niki works with your smartphone to help you track down all the valuable things you misplace. With Niki, you’ll never have to wonder where you put your keys, your wallet, or anything else you’ve tagged with one of Niki’s stamp-sized trackers.

Phone tracking

Lost your smartphone? As long as you’ve got Niki, she can point the way to your phone with her integrated tracking system. You’ll never have to ask a friend to call your phone to help you find it again.

Weather monitoring

Niki knows all about the environmental factors that can affect your health and put you at risk of illness. She’s constantly collecting precise readings of the temperature, humidity, and pressure around you, so you’ll be able to live a healthier life by knowing when you need to air out your room. She’ll even let you know when you need to change your transportation or relaxation plans – or your clothes – due to weather.

Beauty expertise

Niki keeps careful track of how much UV radiation is coming into contact with your skin – even on cloudy days, when you’re at extra risk. With Niki’s real-time readings of your UV exposure, along with her knowledge of your skin type, you’ll always know exactly when to apply SPF sunscreen, how long it’s safe for you to stay in the sun, and how far you need to move to get out of the UV rays.

GPS trackering

trackering Wherever your lost item is, Niki keeps track of it and notes its last known location on a zoomable map. She even works together with other Niki users – so as soon as anyone with a Niki device comes within 100 feet of your item, you’ll receive a private alert with its current location.

Remote selfies

Niki is great at helping you take remote-controlled selfies. Just set your phone wherever you like, then press Niki’s selfie button to snap the photo.

Location sharing

Share your location with anyone you choose, instantly, at the tap of a button. With just a click, they’ll be able to see exactly where you are on a zoomable map.

Water resistance

Niki is built to survive rain, splashes from the sink, and all kinds of other minor water damage. She can even stay fully submerged for a few minutes, and still come out working just fine.

Emergency alerts

Need help in an emergency? Just press and hold a button on Niki, and she’ll send an alert message to people you’ve specified. She’ll even work together with your smartphone to include your exact location in the message. This makes Niki a great gift for someone heading off to college – or for any avid traveler you know.

Danger defense

If you’re the parent of a child or teenager, or you’re caring for an older person, Niki can call for help whenever your loved on needs it. If your child is out late, your teenager is away at college, or your aging parents live far away, Niki is ready to automatically send you an alert with their location, any time they click the “emergency” button.

User-friendly dashboard

With your free Niki dashboard account, you can check in on all the stats Niki’s gathered from your smartphone or computer. Look back over all the data she collected for you on any given day, and even create interactive graphs and maps from that data – all at the click of a button. With all this data on your environment, it’s easy to get a sense of what changes over time – and what cycles back again.

Social connectivity

Niki can integrate with any social-networking website you use, and can share statuses and tweets about what you’re doing and where you are, anytime you ask her to.

Rule-based behavior

Niki can follow complex instructions. You can tell her, for example, “When I arrive at the restaurant, send a tweet with my location,” or, “At exactly 12:00, snap a photo.” She’ll remember everything you’ve told her, and do exactly as you’ve asked.


Niki is created to work with other software. Her API is accessible to developers all over the world, who are free to design their own apps around her functionality.

Multiple versions

Niki is available in three forms – a location sensor with short-range Bluetooth integration; a location sensor plus weather and UV sensors with short-range Bluetooth integration; and a location sensor plus weather and UV sensors plus GSM with short-range Bluetooth integration.

Smart learning

Over time, Niki will learn to better understand your routine, so she can minimize false alarms and conserve energy.


Niki is compatible with iPhone 4S and later, as well as with most Android devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy connections.

Long battery life

Niki is available in both battery-powered and chargeable versions. Depending on how you work with Niki, her batteries can last as long as four months without replacement.

Two sizes

Niki is available in a wrist size, which can be worn as a bracelet on any wrist between 6 inches (15.5 cm) and 7 inches (19 cm). She’s also available in a standalone version that’s 1 in. x 1 in. x 0.2 in. (3.3 cm x 3 cm x 5.5mm) in size.

Custom laser engraving

Want to send Niki as a gift? She can be monogrammed with any short message you like. Get her engraved with your contact information in case she’s lost, or add a little note for someone you love.

Separation alert

Left your phone behind when you left the house? Niki will even alert you that you’ve forgotten it. With Niki, you’ll never have to wonder, “Now, what did I forget…?”