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Pirouzan Group is a world-leading holding company with focus on R&D, innovation, and consulting to provide cross-industry solutions through its subsidiaries. As a trusted partner for organizations, companies, startups, and academia, we bring together brilliant minds from all over the world in a playful and stimulating environment to build and bring to market innovative solutions. By utilizing our world-class international ecosystem of diverse partners across a broad range of industries, we are leading the way into a prosperous and sustainable future.
    • Pirouzan Group understands that clients have many alternatives in the performance of services. As such, Pirouzan Group endeavors to distinguish itself by providing superior value to its clients by delivering superior quality workmanship in principled and collaborative manner.
    • Pirouzan is answering real business challenges through innovative and deep industry knowledge
    • Unlocking insight, challenging established thinking, achieving sustainable advantage by Pirouzan