Parking has become a challenging issue, particularly in the city centers where 30 percent of all traffic congestion is caused by frustrated drivers circling on an average, 4.5 kilometers to find a space. Add to this adverse impact, the considerable amount of time and fuel wasted, release of 1.3 kilogram CO² to the air, and reduced quality of life.

One promising way to resolve this alarming problem at a global scale is to fully embrace optimized parking solutions based on Internet-of-Things (IoT). Pirouzan is developing holistic pro-active solutions that significantly revolutionizes parking echosystem altogether from searching for parking spaces to booking a parking in advance and to parking management and guided enforcement.

From the Node to the Cloud
This is how IoT-based parking ecosystem works

  •  Outdoor wireless parking sensors, mounted into each parking space, do detection of occupied parking spaces using infrared or magnetic technology even in most harsh environments. In addition, sensors can be equipped with RFID or BLE technology for real-time recognition of parking-related licenses or identification data. These sensors report on occupation of each individual parking spot in real-time to the Fog/Edge computing devices wirelessly.
  •   Indoor ultrasonic parking sensors: Ultrasonic sensor at each parking space detects parking status and reports to Fog/Edge nodes on R485/CAN Bus.
  •  Camera based sensors:  Our smart-sensor cameras combine with integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) – and our proprietary intelligent software – to monitor parking spaces. These smart-sensor cameras can capture streaming video whenever motion is detected in or around a space. Or continuously, if desired. Providing an expanded level of security that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. In addition, drivers can track the parked vehicle location on nearby “Find Your Car” query kiosk or using mobile apps.
  •   Overhead Guidance Indicators: Smart Parking’s Overhead Guidance Indicators is a straightforward guidance system that works with our vehicle detection sensors to identify available spaces and then guides customers to them with large, clear, digital signage and LED lighting.
  •   Connected display: with the help of wireless connected message signs that are mounted in streets, customers can monitor the status and find parking spaces close to their destinations and understand parking policies and prices in a very fast and low cost way. Note that the connected message signs are remotely programmed over Internet via Cloud platform.
  • RFID: Smart Parking’s RFID solutions enable you to manage permit parking easily.  Permit holders are happier as more space becomes available through improved enforcement and fact-based planning. In this solution, a RFID tag is placed in permit holder’s vehicle. A RFID research (which can be even installed in our wireless outdoor parking sensors) can identifies driver from RFID tag. Then RFID is forwarded instantly for management and attendants. Therefore, cashless payment is made. Infringements are immediately identified and enforcement is carried out.  The same electronic tag can also be used, by arrangement, to activate the barriers in parking facilities – the vehicle tag is recognized by the system and the registered account holder is billed for the relevant parking fee.
  •  Connected parking barrier: wireless solar/battery powered Parking Bay Barrier is an excellent way to monitor and control parking spaces. These parking barriers are also wirelessly connected to Cloud via Fog/Edge nodes and thus can be controlled by mobile app or even remotely via Internet. Some useful applications of connected parking barriers include (but not limited to) (1) VIP parking spaces, (2) visitor parking spaces, (3) reserved parking spaces which can be booked by drivers in advance, (4) office staff and workers parking spaces, (5) flat or apartment parking spaces, (6) doctor parking, and (7) disabled parking.
  • Barrier Gate Systems & Ticket Dispensers: Count on innovative technology and reliable skills when it comes to rapid entries and exits. Our parking barrier and ticket dispenser make an unbeatable team for stress-free parking. Convenient and without extra wait time, regular customers benefit from hands-free parking or automated license plate detection as they get to their parking space thanks to our solution. Regardless what model of our barrier gate you decide on, efficient installation, a high level of reliability- and extreme ease of service come standard.
  •  Parking Tickets: Pirouzan provides a wide range of tickets, from RFID Keycards to Classic Disposable Paper Tickets. Whether it´s a short-term parking ticket, reusable RFID card, or keytag for contactless entry and exit by regular customers, Pirouzan has the right data carrier for every authorization type.
  • Automated Payment Machine: The paying on foot machines combines modern design, versatile functionality and sophisticated technology. Using the Pirouzan payment station, you can benefit from a high level of reliability, uptime and low maintenance costs for efficient parking space management.
  •  Fog/Edge computing node is defined as a device with computing, storage, and network connectivity. Fog/Edge computing devices establish a secure bidirectional link and data flowing (with protocol translation capability) between the things (e.g., parking sensors, parking barriers, displays, payment machines, etc.) and Cloud. In addition, to reduce the delay/latency and conserve the network bandwidth Fog nodes are reasonable to process, filter, and compress the data traveling between the sensor and the Cloud.  Our Robust IP67+ rated edge nodes can be mounted on a pole, wall or ceiling and accommodate a wide range of connectivity requirements and protocols within smart city environments ranging from common Ethernet and WiFi compatible devices (cameras, streetlighting, etc.) to standards such as Zigbee/802.15.4, LoRaWAN, 3G, 4G, and NB-IoT. Moreover, our edge nodes are considered as a highly flexible IoT building block that allow city operators to begin with the deployment of smart parking sensing. Using the same infrastructure our nodes equip smart buildings/cities with the effective means to have a single ‘street furniture’ device installed throughout the city that can accommodate a wide range of additional services such as public broadband, safety video surveillance, air quality, lighting control, and many more.

Everyday our holistic smart parking solution can securely and reliably link and process millions of live parking events from across the globe to cloud platform – the world’s most powerful parking services Cloud platform. Pirouzan Cloud is a real time, global scale information platform that enables sophisticated and flexible services to be created using open web interfaces. It allows companies to quickly integrate the wide diversity of information technology components including operational management, events processing, business process systems, and much more into extensible real business solutions. As an open standards services platform, Pirouzan Cloud is specifically designed for the new generation of smart city and smart business data intelligence requirements where interaction with vast networks of sensors, information equipment, and interconnection to other software or service systems is required – serving real world solutions to millions of users everywhere. Some parking features of the cloud and its application are as follow:

  •  Driver mobile app: provides city residents and drivers, with “a complete parking assistant in the palm their hand”. The app provides real-time visibility into the availability of parking spaces across a city with all the related details such as distance and price. Drivers can identify and reserve the closest available spaces. Drivers are guided to their final parking destination along the shortest possible route. In addition the app provides mobile payment options.
  •  Parking management system: the management system that equipped with a web-based portal is for internal use by policy makers and city staffs to aid in real-time monitoring of parking spaces and traffic congestion, as well as the collection and (predictive) analysis of parking data using Big Data analytic techniques.
  • Guided enforcement: guided enforcement offers a map view of real time data from sensors and meter status data to guide/police officers to vehicles parked and unpaid (potential expired meter violations), as well as parked over time limit (potential over limit violations). Guided enforcement identifies and directs officers to parking violations in real-time, while providing parking management personnel with essential information and reports to design an effective enforcement model and enhance officer productivity.
  •  Integration framework: using this framework, actual information can be integrated into third party parking guidance, enforcement and management systems.

Benefits All
Pirouzan revolutionized parking for cities, businesses, and drivers


1) Optimize parking management
2) Reduce congestion and improve urban environment
4) Decrease emission and reduce pollution
5) Increase turnover
6) Optimize price and policy
8) Enables intelligent decisions for city planner using big data analytics


1) Increase business traffic and number of customers

2) Avoid parking frustration
3) Increase of revenues against less enforcements costs
4) Prevent abuse of parking spaces
5) Overstay enforcement
6) Dynamic pricing
7) City data sales

8) Rapid ROI

Drivers and residents

1) Smooth real-time traffic guidance
2) Reduce stress
3) Save time and fuel
4) Decrease circling
5) Simplifies the search for available parking spaces
6) Reserve parking space in city centers and shopping malls, etc. in advance