Video Analytics

Ready to transform everyday image and video into valuable insight and decision-making? Pirouzan makes it easy to create robust video analytics and machine vision solutions through Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Network.

Face Recognition, Emotion Analysis, and Demographics

With help of novel machine learning algorithms, we enable you to understand people with face recognition technology. Thanks to our technology, now you can do:

  •     Identity: Detection, Verification, and Authentication
  •     Demographics: Age, Gender, and Ethnicity
  •     Emotions: Sentiment, Facial Landmarks, and Attention

Retail analytics

We help retailers and business owners to improve customer satisfaction, business efficiencies, and their bottom line with AI at the edge to deliver foot traffic insights for real estate planning and product placement.

Smart marketing

We are able to real-time face analytics to enable business owners and marketing agencies to measure emotions in real-time, track important demographic data, and identify where people lose interest. This allows you to create personal connections, optimize content. Integration of this holistic solution with machine learning product recommendation engine, smart IoT billboards, data-driven marketing campaigns, as well as loyalty programs enables you to transform your brand experiences.

Traffic management

We are able to measure pedestrian flow and vehicle traffic in real-time. This enables us to eliminate congestion, easing traffic and reducing pollution. Our

machine learning based systems use

intersection cameras to manage traffic flow and improve incidence reporting and preventive maintenance of the road infrastructure.

Law enforcement

Government and law enforcement agencies everywhere are faced with increasingly complex situations during their investigations. Our deep learning based video analytics are capable of speeding up investigations by intelligently compressing days of camera footage to minutes for quick review by investigators

Safety and security

Our deep learning solutions can boost situational awareness for safe city and enterprise applications. Our products help create new insights through rich metadata using deep learning for workflow transformation and operational efficiency.

Pay with your face

A modern holistic shop can receive millions of visitors each year. A novel payment system is one of the important keys in order to maximize the success of your store, enhance the shopping experience and to increase customer satisfaction.  Thanks to our new machine learning technology, customers can forget cash, credit cards or a smartphone – now customers can pay the bill with just their face. The basic flow of this technology is explained below:


1.   The shop is equipped with a smart kiosk/terminal

2.   The kiosk/terminal displays the menu (or the list of products) and receives the customer orders

3.   Customers can select the item they want to purchase, and then choose “Pay with Face” as a payment option

4.   machine learning algorithms that enables us to detect and match customers with the image on the customer photo ID stored in the system

5.   The software has a very accurate “liveness” algorithm to make sure customers are not trying to fool it with photos or videos of someone else

6.   To complete a purchase, the cost of the orders is automatically deducted from the identified customer’s account

7.   As an extra layer of verification, it is possible to ask customers to input their phone numbers before the payment goes through

Kiosk/terminal has a facial recognition system based on holistic

Smart parking

We make it easier to find open parking spots in congested areas, which also helps with ROI for cities and parking operators.